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R. H. Peplinski Logging LLC


West Bend, WI


Since 2011

Sustainable Timber Harvesting 


The industry, the process, and what sustainable timber harvesting means

It's All Connected

Wood products touch every aspect of our daily lives-from our homes and furniture, to the products we use and purchase every day. It all comes from somewhere, and often, without us noticing, from right in our own backyards. Trees are the most sustainable resource this planet has, and we all have a part to play in managing them. From the landowner, to the logger, to the mills, and to the stores, we are all part of a process that creates the world we live in. 

R.H. Peplinski Logging

We are a family company with the future in mind. As an owner/operator, there are no middlemen in my process. All consultation and information is one on one.  I have a network of log buyers to get you the best possible return on your valuable timber, as well as managing your forest for years to come. We can work together to form a plan for your future. 

What our customers are saying

Very thorough job with a common sense approach  

Thomas Hafeman, President , Time Investment Co. 

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